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There is no doubt that the kid’s room is a place full of fun and happening things. No matter how the overall theme of your house is, a kid’s room always carries a charm of its own. It’s the place where your kid has his sense of belonging and so it always serves as a place of inspiration, ambition and desire for them. keep this emotion up in your kids with wallpaper and murals for kids’ room from morphico.

Morphico provides a wide range of wallpaper designs that can cater to any child’s desire. The catalogue consists of several wallpapers from top manufacturers and designs handpicked by morphico design experts. shop for Wallpaper and murals with peace of mind as the products are prepared from kids-safe paper and ink.

As kids get their personal space in form of a room or even as a desk, their desire to personalise it has only become more obvious. Having a fun wallpaper or murals in your kid’s room is a very standard and widely followed interior design practice. Today there is a growing trend amongst most designers or parents as they consider a kid’s suitable wallpaper a must in the kid’s room. It is every parent’s desire to have their kid's imagination explore their world and be more curious. A large mural or seamless pattern design on a hero wall is the best way to give the kid’s room the correct theme. Get your kids a place where he will proudly invite his friends.

Select from a wide range of wallpapers and murals with vibrant plain colours, characters from fairy tales, funky work maps or a blend of nature and animal designs depicted in a form suitable to a kid’s room theme. Our selection focuses on non-traditional colours that will keep a child’s room stand apart. based on your wall structure you can either choose a mural of you to have a relatively empty and rectangular wall, while a repeat pattern design will be perfect for a wall which is behind any large piece of furniture. surprise your kid on his special day as a birthday gift or before moving into a new house.

These wallpapers are not only suitable for kid’s bedroom hero walls but also can be applied in their washroom or just the desk space. They are also the top picks for kids’ dedicated commercial places like play schools, nursing homes, paediatricians etc. kid’s wallpaper and murals are considered a single piece of decor that has the capability to transform any room or even a section into a kid-friendly space.

Let’s agree, even grown-ups find it fun to explore the kid’s collections. And so we ensure we continue to enrich our wallpaper and mural catalogue for kid’s rooms with new designs. If you wish to keep exploring and find new designs we recommend you to follow us on Instagram where we keep posting our latest collection and idea.

Explore through the collection of wallpapers and murals handpicked by our interior designer experts specifically for kid’s rooms. With Morphico, decorating your kid’s wall with an attractive design is as easy as a child's play. Simply get the wall dimensions, select your design and make an online payment. Our team will ensure safe packaging, free delivery to your mentioned address and free installation by our experts.

Just as there is no limit to a child's imagination, there is no end to the designs that you or your kid may prefer in their room. We understand that the best surprise is the one that is personal. So if you have already found a wallpaper design that meets your expectations then we can custom print it for you. It could be an image on your phone or from an internet image repository site. Click here to find the custom printing options offered by Morphico.

If you are looking for wallpapers for your kid’s or teenagers bedroom, then look no further! Our collection of kids and teens wallpaper has everything fun, cool and funky that make the perfect addition to any kid or teen’s interior space. Choose from adorable animal prints, cute patterns, pastel colours, abstract designs to cool bold coloured stripes. We have something for every kid out there!

Know what you are buying. At Morphico we believe in empowering our customers by providing them with all the necessary information about the product they are buying. Check out the last level details of the critical wallpaper quality parameters.Know how Morphico provides the best of the best to claim its premiumness. Paper Thickness: 275 - 340 Microns
Paper Weight: 220 GSM
Printer Ink: Latex (non-toxic)
Printer Passes: 6 - 8 Passes
Printer Cartridges: 10 + 1 Cartridges
Printed Product: Odourless