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Silver wallpapers are perfect for adding a touch of royalty to your home decor. A colour that is calming, luxurious, serene and absolutely lovely, silver wallpapers can be used in the living room, bedroom or office.

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Looking to add a luxurious touch to your interior space? Then check out our collection of silver wallpapers and murals. Silver is a colour that oozes royalty and luxury and can instantly brighten up a space. For a sophisticated and royal look go for a metallic or shimmering silver wallpaper and if you want to liven up a space, then go for solids or something with cracked or geometric patterns. Our collection has everything from solids, printed, and textured to geometric patterns. The silver wallpaper and murals are the most traditional, classy, timeless shade for decades or even generations. The most elegant of all, the silver colour goes well with every furnisher at your home.

The subcategories in the niche range from interlocking petals of metal, calming whimsical patterns, textured wallpapers, rustic look, metallic stars, floral patterns, damask designs, starburst designs, natural elements, rustic concrete appearance, floral whimsical patterns, diamonds and symmetrical patterns, honeycomb patterns. There are more such patterns and a wide collection of wallpapers at Morphico.

These subcategories can be used in any corner and can be added to match or mix-match or match-up with any scenario of your home, office, home office, mediation hall, gaming room, kitchen, dining room or at any place where you want to install the elegance of silver wallpapers and murals with the various flavours of design that it offers for your walls.

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