Return, refund, replacement and cancellation Policy

Return and cancellation policy We at Morphico take all efforts to give you a great buying experience and a wallpaper that puts a smile on your face. We go through numerous checks and ensure that every delivery is as expected, and you do not face any issues. But in an unlikely event where you come across any problem, we are here to help you in the best possible way.

Through our experience we have come across some common issue which are mentioned below. We hope you find your resolve amongst these. Do not worry if you do not find you issue listed below. You can still reach out to us on our official email id, and we will treat it with just as priority.

Customers are requested to note that as much as we would like to solve your concern as soon as possible it is difficult to commit a timeline and so we request you to bear with us.

Product delivered to Incorrect address mentioned by customer
As the delivery will be lost and we will also be party to losing our merchandise. Sadly, we will not be able to make any refund or replacement in this case.

Product delivered to wrong address by delivery agent
In this case Morphico will provide a replacement but refund is not applicable.Generally, we will have to wait to hear from you about the non-delivery. After due enquiry and confirmation from delivery partner this case can be ascertained. We request customer to be patient as such case require longer resolution time.

Product delivery delayed due to shipping
Such a scenario has become a common event due to shipping disruption. Morphico will not be able to provide any refund or replacement for delays caused due to such scenarios.Customers are requested to wait till the delivery comes through.

Product lost during shipping
It is not uncommon that products are lost during shipping. A new order will be dispatched as soon as we receive a delivery lost notification from shipping partner. Customer may or may not be notified of such an event. Morphico will provide replacement, but refund will not be applicable.

Product out of stock
In an event where your order is confirmed but the available inventory do not pass the quality test, we will be compelled to report the product as out of stock. If the inventory can be made available in 14 working days such orders will be executed. If the inventory could not be replenished customers will be notified and are eligible for full refund. As an alternate customers can proceed to select another product and redeem the spent amount.

Difference of opinion over colour perceived on Morphico website and delivered product
At Morphico we try our best to represent products in their true colour. Colour rendering is also an aspect of device on which website is viewed. Nominal shade deviations are unavoidable. Thus, refund or replacement is not possible.

Incorrect product delivered
Customers are requested to not open the package and report the issue to us as soon as possible. Customer will receive a product replacement in this case while refund is not applicable. The incorrectly delivered order will be picked up by our logistics partner. Please note that customers will be responsible for any damage to such products until safely handing over.

Wallpaper is not sufficient for the wall
Most common reason for such issues is due to incorrect measurements provided during the time of purchase. As the wallpaper is custom prepared for your wall it cannot be returned, or money cannot be refunded. However, we are committed to resolve all our customers concerns and thus they can reach out to us. We will help resolve the situation to best of our ability by providing additional strip of wallpaper which can cover the missed wall space.

Incorrect wallpaper length delivered to customer
In an event where customer has provided correct wall measurements while wallpaper is not enough to cover it, Morphico will dispatch additional piece of wallpaper or have the entire order replaced. The choice of decision will be completely at discretion of Morphico. We assure that irrespective of the mode of resolution quality aspect will not be compromised. Please note that the confirmation of incorrect wallpaper length delivery will be ascertained by Morphico representatives after site visit. Customer will not be able to request replacement, or refund in this case.

Colour inconsistency in wallpaper print
This is a rare manufacturing fault which may only come to notice after a wallpaper is installed. In such as case Morphico will dispatch additional piece of wallpaper or have the entire order replaced. The choice of decision will be completely at discretion of Morphico. Please note that the confirmation of colour inconsistency will be ascertained by Morphico representatives after site visit. Morphico will do the removal of faulty wallpaper and application of new wallpaper at free of cost. Customer will not be able to request replacement or refund in this case.

Wall is not fit for wallpaper application
Although wallpapers have a very basic requirement for the surface it needs to be applied on, there could be instances where a wall may not be deemed fit for wallpaper application. Our wallpaper installation expert can confirm the same upon wall inspection during site visit. In such a case customer are requested to fix the wall at their own expense before proceeding the wallpaper installation. Both refund and replacement are not applicable in this case.

Damaged product delivered to customer
Damage to shipping is very much likely and something we are always prepared for. Customers are requested video record while opening the package and report the issue to us as soon as possible. Customers will receive a replacement product while refund will not be applicable. Damaged product will be picked up from the delivery address by our logistics partner.

Canceling the order before delivery
Much of our processes are automated and chances are that wallpaper could be custom prepared to your order almost immediately. Thus, cancelling the order after making the payment is not possible.

Wallpaper installation related issues
Even though applying a wallpaper is relatively easy task, Morphico Wallpaper installation partner are thoroughly evaluated and experienced representatives. Morphico wallpaper are either paste to paper of paste to wall types, which allows precise adjustments to be made as soon as the wallpaper is placed on the wall. We insist that customer be present during the installation and make all necessary adjustment while wallpaper is being installed. Thus, Morphico does not provide any refund or replacement for issues related to wallpaper installation. Please note that the wallpaper installation is completely at owner’s risk and if customer do not feel comfortable, they can choose to opt out of installation by Morphico.

If your cause of concern is not mentioned in any of the above cases, you can reach out to us on the contact details mentioned in the contact us page. We will be happy to help.