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Add a splash of colour to your living space with our pink wallpapers. With a variety of shades, prints and textures available, you will find just the wallpaper for your space.

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Adorable pink? Can’t decide? Then check out our collection of pink wallpapers and murals collection to narrow down on your pick! While pinks are just what you need for your munchkin’s nursery or even your kitchen, it is also for the ones who want to go bold or add a splash of colour to their living space. Our collection has everything from dusty pink to Fuchsia now go ahead and find the shade that your space needs! Wallpaper and mural design keeps changing from time to time. However few shade palettes never go out of fashion. Funky pink colour hues are the ones amongst them.

The colour comes in designs of metallic interlocked shapes, pink cherry blossoms, natural elements, the pink city, tropical in shades of pink, abstract geometry, dotted appearance, onyx marble prints, pink floral patterns, geometric 3d patterns, rustic appearance, cute animal world, stars, starburst and many more such designs.

The pink wallpapers and murals are all in trend for kids, for the living room and every place. People are getting it installed with pride in their male child rooms. We are the ones amongst them and see no difference between getting the pink wallpaper installed into your boys or girls’ room.

These subcategories can be used in any corner and can be added to match or mix-match any scenario of your home, office, home office, mediation hall, yoga room, puja room, gaming room, kitchen, dining room or at any place where you want to install the elegance of pink wallpapers and murals with the various different flavours of design that it offers for your walls.

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At Morphico, you get the best quality wallpapers made from high-quality paper and high-quality print, and it’s eco-friendly for the environment. After you order the wallpaper online, the delivery and installation are free of cost and done all over India and around.

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