Modern Theme Wallpapers & Murals

Play around with different patterns, prints and textures with our latest range of modern wallpapers. Complement them with bold furnishings and bright colours to create a modern contemporary decor.

Modern wallpapers are just perfect for creating an elegant and modern interior space. Whether you want to deck up your home, office or bathroom, our collection of modern wallpapers has something for every space. Choose from bold stripes, mesmerizing trellis patterns, geometric grids and triangles and more. The options are endless and so is the colour palette, you will find something to blend in with any decor. As the word suggests a modern theme is a recent theme to have come to adoption in the space of interior themes. It is a combination of a monochromatic colour palette, straight lines, and minimalistic design aspects which are generally represented with natural material and light.

A perfect recipe to create a beautiful wallpaper! At morphico, you can explore a wide range of modern wallpapers for your walls. Do you want your home to talk to your guest without you saying a single word? Pick this category! It will make the guest talk to them. With the new hues of chrome colours with sparkling nature, they will sing the melody of love and peace at your home. Modern wallpapers will make your place come alive. Choose from our collection of modern wallpapers and murals handpicked by morphico design experts to decorate the walls. The word modern says it all. Modern that we all are from thoughts, education, style statement, then why not reflect it in our interiors? Modern wallpapers have been in the trend for their versatile entity of hues, designs, etc. This niche has gone from your offices to cafeterias and a whole new changing world.

Modernity reflects well through the collection of our wallpapers ranging from 3D figures to antique royal designs. We believe in original themes with a touch of modernity bringing the new elegance of remix into the room. We have a wide collection of metallic modern designs, cute animals, and leafy environment themes to titled shapes. Modern wallpapers can be applied in every atmosphere like living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, Pooja room, etc. These have wide applications because of their accepting theme and atmosphere. As the theme suggests, modern wallpapers will never be out of style. Designers all across the world are creating new styles with a modern theme. At morphico, we are constantly seeking new inspiration in modern design. Stay updated on these latest modern wallpaper designs for all rooms by following us on Instagram.

Experts at morphico have gone too far in bringing you the best collection of modern wallpapers and murals. we provide you with the exact measurement of the rolls that you require for the wall. We have free delivery across India and worldwide with free wallpaper installation. At Morphico you don't have to worry about anything. From helping you choose the perfect wallpaper for your hall, dining hall, kitchen, kids room, study room, office, or bedroom to installation, our customer services are top class. We at Morphico provide a range of choices of modern wallpapers and murals. We also provide the service of getting it custom printed for you. You just need to tell our designer the details of the design or image that you want to get printed and leave the rest to us.

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