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With the wallpaper roll calculator by Morphico, easily find out the number of rolls required to cover your wall. learn how much wallpaper you actually need and explore the options to purchase partial rolls as per your wall dimensions.

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This wallpaper roll calculator only provides the best estimate of the amount of wallpaper required for covering a wall with a specific dimension. The results generated by this calculator are indicative in nature. Morphico does not take responsibility for the decisions taken by customers to purchase a product as a direct or indirect result of the output of this calculator. This calculator is only a tool that assists the users to arrive at the results of various illustrative scenarios provided from data input by the user.

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Measuring a wall to calculate the number of wallpaper rolls required is simple and straightforward. Ensure you have a long enough measuring tape. Take the measurements across the widest and the tallest part of the wall. These will be the height and width of your wall.

Measuring a standard wall

Measuring a wall to calculate the number of wallpaper rolls required is simple and straightforward. Ensure you have a long enough measuring tape. Take the measurements across the widest and the tallest part of the wall. These will be the height and width of your wall.

Wall with door and windows

Ignore any empty spaces like doors or windows where the wallpaper is not the be applied and measure along the length and breadth of the wall. Do not attempt to adjust your measurements for these sections by yourself. These will be the height and width of your wall. Now measure the door and window dimensions separately. The calculator has separate fields to input this value.

Adjoining wall

If the height of both walls is the same, then you can insert a single measurement for width. Just measure the width of both walls separately and then add them to calculate the total width. If the walls are of different heights, then measure them separately and provide their dimensions in different fields.

Wall with vertical or horizontal columns

Measure the wall while running through its entire width while considering all bends.

Wall with horizontal columns

Measure the wall while running through its entire length while considering all bends.

Measuring multiple walls

If you wish to calculate the number of rolls required to cover multiple non-adjoining walls, then measure them separately. Our calculation methods will take care of estimating the optimum number of rolls required to cover your wall with your favourite wallpaper.

Our calculator can best handle estimating even if you have a door or windows on the wall. These are the places where you would not want to apply the wallpaper. Thus, it is worth attempting to save as much wallpaper as possible from this section. Independently measure the height and width of the section and input it into the calculator. We will estimate how much of the wallpaper can be saved.

Types of wallpaper designs prints

Here we will provide you with details of the layouts of the wallpaper design. Since the inception of wallpaper, it has been a common practice to print them on a paper of certain standard width. while these papers were wider than a standard paper, the walls were generally much wider. Thus, a wallpaper would generally be applied as stripes running vertically parallel. it was a technical requirement for wallpaper designers to create a pattern which would seamlessly match its adjacent stripes. Within this limitation, wallpaper creators got innovative and adopted 3 different types of wallpaper design prints to make the wallpaper most creative.

Straight match

This is a design match type where each vertical strip applied on a wall is exactly matched with its adjacent stripe. The straight match is one of the most common design printing styles. In this design type, you will encounter the same design elements on the same level as you run horizontally along the wall.

Free match

In this design type any vertical strip can be applied irrespective of the design match on its adjacent stripe. Several plain designs which do not follow any pattern fall in this category. Such wallpaper generates the least amount of wastage as installation professionals can resume applying wallpaper exactly from the point when they cut it for the preceding stripe.

Half drop match

Here the design is such that each stripe is shifted down by half the design pattern size with respect to its previous stripe. Designers generally adopt such design matches where there is a need to represent a wider design section on a relatively narrow roll width. A half-drop design pattern wallpaper generally requires more amount of wallpaper to cover the same section of the wall as compared to other types.

Error margins for trimming wallpaper

During the application of wallpaper, it is a general practice for the installation professional to trim off a few inches of the wallpaper on the edges to ensure a perfectly smooth fit. Besides this, you may measure the wall to the best of your abilities, but there are several minor imperfections in walls that may require a little more wallpaper than anticipated. Thus, while taking this real-world scenario into consideration, it is best to add a few inches to your actual wallpaper requirement. This addition of a few inches may lead to a little wastage of wallpaper. But in case of unforeseen challenges will come to the rescue and not jeopardize during the application of wallpaper.

Length and width of the wallpaper

As an industry practice and to standardize the sector most wallpaper have adopted certain dimensions for wallpaper printing. when it comes to the width of the wallpaper roll, most of the wallpapers are 53 CM or 20.86 inches. Several designers who which to make a much wider design choose the other option of printing on 106 CM or 41.7 inches wide roll. While there is no practical limitation on how wide a wallpaper roll can be, most manufacturers choose either of these two options to take advantage of the efficiency of packaging, handling, and manufacturing.

A length of a roll becomes the deciding factor on how much of the wall can be covered. Most manufacturers choose to pack 10 meters or 32.8 feet long wallpaper for a 53 cm wide roll. Thus, such rolls pack 5.3 Sq. meter or 57 sq. feet wallpaper area. For a 106 CM wide roll, only 5 meters or 16.4 feet long wallpaper is packed. Which packs the same 57 sq. feet of wallpaper

Measuring repeat design size

A repeat design length of the wallpaper is simply the length after which the design repeats itself. There is no upper limit on how large a design pattern can be. Most design patterns larger than 40 cm might be considered large repeat patterns. Several designs between 20 cm and 40cm could be considered in a medium-size range. While any less than 20 cm is a relatively small size pattern. Several designs have a 0 cm pattern size which means the design may not follow any order.

Calculation methodology

Through years of experience and understanding of several factors associated with wallpapers, Morphico has created this wallpaper roll calculator which is precise in most scenarios. This calculator is designed to be easily used by both experts and the uninitiated in the field of wallpapers.

For a user who does not know the wallpaper width, pattern type and repeat design length the calculator takes into consideration the default values that are the most common factors to assume.

While we accept that calculating the amount of wallpaper is not rocket science, the Morphico wallpaper calculator takes into consideration several factors and its proprietary algorithms provide a better response.

This combined with the unique offering of Morphico to buy exactly the required amount of wallpaper and not the entire roll, the calculator gives a unique view into the saving that a customer can get by purchasing from Morphico.

Calculating for murals

Murals are singular artistic designs that span over the expanse of the wall. They are generally custom printed to match the requirements of the user. As it lacks a repeat design pattern and repetitive printing, calculating the numbers of rolls is not as relevant for murals.

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