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Mesmerising images of outer space can now be a part of your personal space. Mankind’s curiosity all begins with the understanding of the world around us. Little dots in the night sky have a big story to tell. Give your curiosity a boot with the exploration of the universe we live in, with wallpaper and murals of outer space objects.

Morphico brings to you a collection of high-quality pictures of outer space on wallpapers and murals. Explore the catalogue consisting of seamless repeat pattern wallpapers or high-resolution photos. A catalogue that consists of images straight from the telescope to an artistic simple design of celestial bodies that add fun to your room walls.

Wallpaper may have existed long before our modern telescope started clicking amazing pictures of heavenly objects. But since these pictures have come in from the Hubble space telescope and others, their popularity has only skyrocketed. Pictures from outer space have made their way to every aspect of wallpaper. This could include your mobile or desktop screensavers, mobile cases and many more digital and non-digital objects. It is no surprise that one of the most premium positions is held by the outer space wallpapers and murals for your room. An ever-growing trend in this niche category is among space enthusiasts. These space wallpaper will surely be the conversation starter among your guests. let your room speak of your style and liking.

Morphico brings to you a variety of outer space wallpapers and murals. Our collection consists of images of galaxies, nebulas, supernovas and other galactic objects and events. Browse through the high-definition picture of objects from our solar system like our neighbouring planets and the moon. If you are looking for a subtle appearance of these space objects then we have the traditional seamless repeat pattern wallpapers with illustrations of twinkling stars, planets with rings etc. Space is full of colours and that is what you will find at morphico. After all, a natural blend of bright colours against a dark background is a signature space mural.

Outer space wallpaper and design can be applied in various scenarios. Your selection of space wallpaper design can be driven by the overall theme of your room. Morphico has a collection of designs which can cater to the different interior themes like modern, Boho, classic and others which are suitable for kid’s rooms, living rooms, bedrooms or any other space.

Just as space exploring scientists continue to enrich the collection of these space images. We continue to keep updating our catalogue with the most attractive wallpapers and murals. An easy way to check out the latest space wallpaper collection is to bookmark this page and directly visit the page any time with a single click.

Our interior designers at morphico have gone through hundreds of space images to bring you the perfect blend and variety with the best pic of each category. Morphico intends to provide you with a smooth experience in decorating your wall with great outer space murals. Get high-quality custom printing as per your wall dimension, a simple online payment method, safe packaging and free delivery to your address and free installation of wallpapers and murals from Morphico.

Space is vast and so is the number of images available over the internet. If there is an image of space that has already captured your imagination, we will be happy to custom print the mural for you. simply let us know where we can find that image and we will take care of purchasing the high-quality version to print the wallpaper for you. Click here to visit the DIY journey to print images from the internet.

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