Vibrant Theme Wallpapers & Murals

Vibrant, refreshing and absolutely gorgeous, our vibrant colour wallpapers are perfect for adding a boho vibe to your home.

Create an explosion of colours and good vibes in your living space with our gorgeous selection of vibrant bohemian colour wallpapers. From Fuchsia pink, distressed blue, lemony yellow, and many more vibrant colour tones, these bohemian wallpapers make a perfect choice for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. You can create a masterpiece by mixing and matching coordinated tones or going bold with a single wallpaper. Either way, these boho vibe wallpapers are sure to cheer up your wall space. Wallpapers have become the new trend for walls. With a wide collection of European themes, abstract themes, and contemporary themes. The vibrancy of the wallpapers is what excites us the most. There are so many wonderful wallpapers with vibrant theme that comes in stripe designs with complementing colours of blue-white, red-white, grey-white, blue-beige and so on.

At Morphico, the subcategories in the niche include the helix nebula theme, Japanese Cranes, dim foggy forest, dark tone theme wallpapers, bright Acrylic paint on the marble theme, gold Acrylic and mix of paints, fluid art on marble, zebra theme, threaded lines wallpaper theme, pillars of creation artistic painting, and a lot many breathtaking amazing wallpapers and wall murals of all time.

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