Mid And Mild Tone Wallpapers & Murals

Keep it classic and elegant with our range of mid-tone neutral wallpapers. With different patterns, textures and designs to choose from you will find something for every room.

Mid-tone neutral wallpapers and murals are the perfect choice to deck up any room or office. They blend in easily with any decor and also act as the perfect base if you want to experiment with different shades and textures. Add vibrant hues and dark shades using modern furniture and decor to create contemporary decor. Our collection of mid-tone neutral wallpapers has some amazing prints, patterns and textures to choose from.

Wallpaper holds every possible theme and colour in the collection. However, when it comes to the mid and mild-tone wallpapers, the trend of the calmness of neither too bright colour nor too dull colour has it all. The mid and mild tone wallpapers and murals come in vintage wallpaper theme, marble fluid art, fun animal world on the world map for your kid, tree theme, forest elements, 3d pattern boxes, shadow mosaic symmetrical shapes, Taj Mahal monument theme, starburst and much more patterns and themes.

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