Fabric Look And Feel Wallpapers & Murals

When you want to keep the walls at a minimum and let the furnishings do the talking, then our collection of fabric look and feel wallpapers are just the best.

With bold and stunning solids, minimal patterns and repetitive geometric grids, these fabric look and feel wallpapers make a great choice when you want one single wallpaper wrapped across the whole room. These wallpapers have a beautiful smooth texture and look and feel like fabric, which adds a stylish and elegant look to the walls. Choose from beautiful shades of blue like teal, light blue and bold navy or go for sea green, olives and calming greys.

Our range has just about everything you need to create a minimal yet stylish decor for your living room, office, or bedroom. The wallpaper has the elegance of fabric and feels the texture. The wallpaper has a smooth surface and Morphico, has a wide collection of non–woven artistic wall murals. The subcategories of the wallpaper include traditional damask, classic motifs, solid colours, concrete walls, symmetrical patterns, seamless repetitive patterns, mesmerising nebula, whimsical floral designs, teal flowers with a white backdrop, floral stripes, cracked appearance on the wallpaper, beautiful landscape images, tropical leaves aesthetics, pastel colours with random patterns and many more such designs to keep engrossed you into them.

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